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The Early Bird package includes the following functions

  • Management of organizations and their locations.
  • Structured task management and intelligent message system.
  • Detailed accident analyses and damage reports.
  • Easy generation of individual risk assessments.
  • Access to pre-configured content, which decreases settling-in period.
  • Legal documentation of all data and processes.
  • Data acquisition of employees and their qualifications.
  • Generation of reports and key performance indicators.
  • Adjustable role system and free definable rights of Access

Explore the modules of CoS!


Risk Assessments

Create risk assessments in a breath with our pre-configured contents and individualize each assessment with specific risks that only apply to your company. This module makes a faster risk identification possible, which can be used to deduce reasonable and effective countermeasures in a very short time.


Incident Management

The risk management module allows you to consistently record and analyze all accidents, near-misses, accident book entries and damages to property. Additionally, you can include all relevant persons to accelerate the legal processing of an accident and then focus on taking preventive measures to avoid undesired incidents in the future.


KPI & Reports

Check the outcome of your precautionary measures by analyzing for example the number of absent days due to accidents. Furthermore, indicators like LTI or TRIFR give an review of your company’s safety performance. Set goals and pursue their implementation with the comprehensive analysis tools of this module.


Status Control

The status control enables you to overview the risk status of your locations and organizational units. With aid of this module you identify the biggest potentials for an improvement of occupational safety and protection of health within your company.



Stay briefed with our advanced notification system. Send and receive notifications only between involved persons. This helps to stay updated about processes that are relevant to you and your staff. In addition, you stay easily on top of things.


Organizational Units

Our dynamic organizational chart depicts your organizational units in a clear way. There are many ways to quickly bring your chart to life. Import already existing data files from your ERP-System and spreadsheets or create individualized entries with our editor.


Location Management

The location management module simplifies the organization of locations, buildings, facilities, work spaces and many more. Create interactive maps and highlight escape plans, first aid kits, manuals, maintenance lists and many more. Start organizing occupational safety for you and your staff!


Staff Management

Record all relevant data files of your staff with help of our human resources module. This includes general information as well as education or qualifications related to occupational safety. Determine and document consequential responsibilities of your staff members to improve their safety and health.

Importieren Sie grundlegende Informationen über Ihr Unternehmen aus bereits vorhandenen Datensätzen Ihrer Enterprise Ressource Planing Software (bspw. SAP®) zu den Organisationsstrukturen, den Standortdaten sowie den HR und vermeiden Sie somit lästige Redundanzen. Zudem lassen sich größere Datensätze auch bequem per CSV bzw. Microsoft Excel-Vorlagen importieren. Für welchen Fall Sie sich auch entscheiden, Sie sparen Zeit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the technical requirements?

In order to use our packages and services at full volume you need only a computer with connection to the internet and an updated version of an standard internet browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc. Of course you can also get access to Cloud of Safety with your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, all of our products run on different operating systems including Microsoft 7, 8.1, 10, Mac OSX, macOS and Linux. At the moment we recommend the usage of Google Chrome.

What about the costs?

Like our customers we are not fans of nasty surprises. Hence we are convinced that an open and transparent pricing is the basis to a successful business relationship. If you make use of our cloud-products you pay monthly fees dependent on the individual choice of your packages. These fees include the right to use our products and of course the infrastructure like server power and storage space. We only charge a single set-up fee, which varies dependent on your package combination.

With this set-up you are ready to use your Cloud of Safety at a full volume within your company without any additional costs. Guaranteed! All remaining services are completely optional offerings from us to you. You can always decide if and when you make use of them.

How high is the required implementation time and effort?

Installing your Cloud of Safety could not be easier. There are several ways to implement your corporate and employee data into the virtual work environment. While smaller companies prefer a manual data implementation within CoS, larger enterprises save valuable implementation time by importing their data files with application programs like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Additionally, interface technology allows an import of data from business applications like SAP Suite to Cloud of Safety. We already offer a wide range of API interfaces to many suppliers and their respective business applications with the intention of constant extension. Thereby, you are able to transfer employee data, organizational structures and location blueprints in a simple and convenient way.

What kind of safety technology do you use to protect my data?

We use only advanced technology and the highest security standards to protect your data files. All of your data files are being transferred by 256-bit SSL encryption with extended validation. By now, this is the most reliable encryption method in internet-based data security. Additionally, our server structure complies with the requirements of typical branch standards like ISO27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC1 and 2.

What kind of additional services do you offer?

In our opinion it is important to support you with a comprehensive and free customer service. Of course, we offer additional services like individual implementation assistance or intensive staff training with different thematic priorities. Feel free to contact us! We quickly create a nonbinding offer for you based on your individual request.

How extensive is your customer service?

We support you in solving upcoming problems soon and fast. For this purpose, the integrated helpdesk allows you to create detailed tickets including operating system specifications and screenshots in a very short time and with just a few clicks. As an alternative, our team is within your reach via telephone, Skype, Skype Business and email. By request, our occupational safety experts support you in implementing the Cloud of Safety into your organizational structures. In addition, we are able to assist you with intensive staff briefing and training.

Do you have any questions?

We will gladly support you in the configuration of your individual Cloud of Safety. Get information today about the solution to occupational safety that fits your needs.